Important Information

Hey guys,

Will post an update with all missing social media pictures asap. Sadly there are no other new pictures of Samantha, nor does she have any new projects planned in the very near future. That being said, she is pregnant – which is very exciting, and we’re so happy for both her and Eric! 😀

1. The site domain will be changed back to soon and will no longer be used. Our primary domain used to be and everything is connected to that like our welcome video etc. hence why we have decided to start using that one again.

2. Currently working on getting the remainder of Sammy’s old movies screencapped and uploaded. It has taken some more time than what was expected, but will have them uploaded sometime next month or so.

3. The themes will be changed in a couple of weeks as well, and the content will be updated. Seeing as there aren’t that many new pictures, the content will (finally) be prioritized!

Thank you for visiting, and hopefully Sammy will return to acting in the (near) future! As for right now, we wish her the best of luck with everything! She’ll be an amazing mother for sure, and we’ll keep you updated on everything.