Title: God Bless America
Year: 2012
Role: Chloe’s Friend

Title: Seconds Apart
Year: 2011
Role: Eve

Title: Princess Protection Program
Year: 2009
Role: Brooke

Title: Horton Hears A Who!
Year: 2008
Role: Hildy/Holly (Voice)

Title: The Neighbor
Year: 2007
Role: Erin

Title: Don’t Be Scared
Year: 2006
Role: Jessica

Title: Faceless
Year: 2006
Role: Underaged girl

Title: Jane Doe: The Wrong Face
Year: 2005
Role: Jen

Title: Truce
Year: 2005
Role: Jenny


Title: Poor Paul
Year: 2008-
Role: Bonnie
Episodes: 1.01 You Look Good Naked, 1.02 Cock Blocked, 1.03 We’re Irish, Not Italian, 1.04 Two Generations of Sad, 1.05 You Gonna Smoke That?, 1.06 A Rusty Trombone, 1.06 Chocha O’Clock (28 October 2008), 1.07 Halloween Special: Beer Pong!, 1.08 Rub & Tug, 1.09 Paul’s Sister?, 1.10 Paul’s BroSter?, 1.11 Plymouth Rock Red, 1.12 It’s a Poor Paul Christmas: Part 1, 1.13 It’s a Poor Paul Christmas: Part 2, 2.01 Shrooms, 2.02 ‘Eff Ups, 2.03 From the Heart, 2.04 Q&A: Part 1, 2.05 Q&A: Part Deux, 2.06 Big Hands, 2.07 What Did You Do, Wear His Underwear?, 2.08 The Body’s Not Even Cold, 2.09 Fiesta del Amor, 2.10 There’s a Fire Down Below, 2.11 Women!, 2.12 When the Walls Come Crumbling Down, 2.13 Times Are a Changin’, 2.14 You’re a Guy, 2.15 At One with Nature: Part One, 2.16 At One with Nature: Part Two, 2.17 Life Goes on and on… and On, 2.18 Now and Then and Stuff, 2.19 It’s a Poor Paul Wedding, 2.20 The Beginning of the End, 2.21 You Can’t Live with Them, 2.22 You Can’t Live Without Them, 2.23 It’s Not All About You: Part One, 2.24 It’s Not All About You: Part Two, ‘Eff Ups & Stuff, If Fred Can Do It, So Can Paul!

Title: The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Year: 2011
Role: Robin
Episodes: 3.15 Who Do You Trust, 3.22 Loose Lips

Title: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Year: 2010
Role: Cindy Medina
Episode: 10.13 Internal Combustion

Title: Medium
Year: 2010
Role: Charlotte Spencer
Episode: 7.08 Smoke Damage

Title: Eastwick
Year: 2009
Role: Stephie
Episodes: 1.02 Reaping and Sewing, 1.03 Madams and Madames, 1.05 Mooning and Crooning.

Title: Arwin!
Year: 2007
Role: Summer
Episode: 1.01 Pilot

Title: Cory in the House
Year: 2007
Role: Sarah
Episode: 1.14 No, No, Nanoosh

Title: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Year: 2007
Role: Wanda
Episode: 3.07 The Arwin That Came to Dinner

Title: Gilmore Girls
Year: 2006
Role: Bonnie
Episode: 7.10 Merry Fisticuffs


Title: Air Force
Year: Unknown
Role: Unknown

Title: Cingular Wireless
Year: Unknown
Role: Unknown

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